Virgin America flight deals of the week (updated Nov.26.2013)


We try our best efforts to watch and post current deals on our website for virgin. But, please visit the most recent post in this section or go to our home page and click on cheap flight deals link to check out the existing promotions.


[alert-announce] Black Friday 2013 Deals from Virgin America [/alert-announce] 


Please note that Virgin America has not put any specific deals for Thanksgiving or Black Friday. We are continuing to monitor this. However, as mentioned below the deals they have been going on for past 3 months on several routes are great deals to begin with. So, please keep checking back on this page to find any additional details.


For best prices and current deal information, we recommend that it is always best to check the deals directly on Virgin America Airline as that is the most current information.


Virgin America flight Deals of the week: (updated on 11.26.2013)


As of Nov. 26, 2013, Virgin still has great deals on the deals website. For example, they have following discounts:


Palm Springs to San Francisco – from $69 (one way) — new deal!

Las Vegas to Los Angeles – from $66 (one way) — This deal has been going on for the past 3 months

Newark to San Francisco – from $179 (one way) — This deal has been going on for past 3 months

and much more…


Go to Virgin America Airlines Deals page directly to access these deals and find more deals. 



As mentioned earlier, for better and accurate prices, we recommend that you check the latest fares directly on virgin america website on deals section!

† Note that these fares have been taken directly from virgin america website.


PS: We have no baring on these rates and it is completely controlled by Virgin America Airlines. We are not an affiliate of Virgin and don’t earn any commissions from them for this post.



– Sally

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