Top Airlines of 2016 Awards

Well, according to a leading Airline Survey agency that conducts annual surveys and awards Worldwide Top Airline awards in various categories like Best Fare, Best Long Overhaul Airline etc., has announced the winners for year 2016. We wanted to share with our readers the news because its important that you track these airlines, so you know which ones are doing better than others. You could use your best judgement, as always, but in most cases given here our team agrees with the top 3 choices. Here is the list.

World’s Best Airlines of year 2016

1 Emirates
2 Quatar Airways
3 Singapore Airlines
4 Cathy Pacific Airways
5 Ana All Nippon Airways
6 Etihad Airways
7 Turkish Airlines
8 Eva Air
9 Quantas
10 Luftansa

In our opinion, Emirates definitely takes the crown since their flights are ultra modern for the cost and the comfort. We have traveled Emirates several times and our favorite is certainly Emirates for traveling abroad. Singapore and Cathy also deserve the best compliments as they do a wonderful job overall and the best service in flight.

World’s Best Low Cost Airlines

1 AirAsia
2 Virgin America
3 Norwegian
4 easyJet
5 Jetstar Airways
6 AirAsiaX
7 WestJet
8 Indigo
9 Jetstar Asia
10 Azul Airlines

In our opinion, Norwegian has been a great low cost airliner for the long-haul flights especially going into European countries. Watch for our updates soon on Norwegian.

Best Long Haul Low Cost Airlines 

1 Norwegian
2 Jetstar Airways
3 AirAsiaX
4 Scoot
5 WOW Air

Top Airlines of 2016 in U.S. (according to Airline Quality Ratings – AQR)

The Airline Quality Rating (AQR) is the most comprehensive study of the performance and quality of the largest airlines in the United States. According to AQR, their rating rating is a multifactor look of the airlines based on mishandled baggage, consumer complaints, on-time performance and involuntary denied boardings.
1  Virgin America
2  JetBlue
3  Delta Airlines
4  Hawaiian Airlines
5  Alaska Airlines
6  Southwest Airlines
7  SkyWest Airlines
8  United Airlines
9  ExpressJet
10  American Airlines
11  Frontier Airlines
12  Envoy Air
13  Spirit Airlines

In our opinion, as our readers know, Our favorite in U.S. is Virgin hands down. Jet Blue and Southwest do score high marks in our own experience.

Other intresting tidbids from AQR

According to the Airline Quality Rating industry score for year 2015 shows an industry that improved slightly in overall performance quality over the previous year. Six airlines (Delta, ExpressJet, JetBlue, SkyWest, Southwest, and United) showed improvement in AQR scores in 2015. ExpressJet and SkyWest had the largest improvements in their AQR scores for 2015.


What do you think? Which Airlines do you favor the most and why? Share your experience and thoughts in the comments below.

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