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What is “how do I find cheap” and what does it offer?

If you are looking for ways to save money on air travel, or learn a few tricks on flying cheap, you have landed on the right spot.

Our goal is to educate, engage and provide money saving tips and proven techniques to our website visitors in finding cheap flights on the Internet.

What can you expect?

Throughout the website, we provide you well thought out strategies to help you become knowledgeable in finding low cost flights. Of course, it is not always about low cost when it comes to flying, but for most, it seem to be one of the criteria. And, more importantly, if you can learn a few ways look for smarter ways to fly with class and comfort, it provides means to use your hard earned money on something else. That is the whole premise behind us creating this website!

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We share what we know that has worked for us or things that we have learned from making mistakes or things that other travel hackers have successfully used. But, as like anything else, we ask that you use common sense in using any of these techniques to your own situations.

We absolutely do everything we can to verify information provided on our site is accurate. But, we are only passing on to you, our website reader, what we know from our sources. When you see rates listed here in our website of any flights or deals, just note that we share what we see on different airline websites or information we get to know through our agents network. It is always possible that airlines might change their rates at anytime and the offers we list here may not be valid due to number of reasons. We ask that you use these prices or deals as an indication and not expect that they will always work a 100%.

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