Southwest Airlines to get TSA Pre Check


We heard through our resources Southwest Airlines customers. As outlined in our recent article, TSA Pre Check program can save you hours of frustration waiting in the long security lines at airports.


As we discussed in our TSA Pre Check article, few airlines are already have signed up under this program with CBP TSA Pre Check and offered their invitations to their frequent flyer customers. We heard from reliable sources that SouthWest Airlines (LUV:NYSE) is joining the band wagon as well. The airline is supposed to be in pre flight check doing its preparation process and getting ready to launch in Late November. We are very excited about this news.
Great news for SouthWest Airlines customers. TSA Pre Check is a great program and we recommend that you take advantage of it.


To learn more about the TSA Pre check program, you can read our article here and also read it on TSA Pre Check website directly as well.


We hope that you take advantage of the program and let us know what you think and share your experience with us through our comments.


Happy Flying.


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