Purple Friday Sale – Wow air flights from $69 to Europe

Planning trip to Europe? Wow air is offering its annual Purple Friday Sale (purple=black). They have started the sale earlier, and is on going now. You can get an amazing deal on flights to your favorite destinations in Europe. Check out the Purple Friday deals on wow air website. Offer ends November 25, 2018, of course, as always, read the fine print, and these deals have restrictions.

Some of the deals we found on wow air website. The above link takes you directly to the deals page of the purple deals going on right now.


Chicago to Amsterdam from $99

Chicago to Brussels from $99

Chicago to London Gatwick from $99

Los Angeles to Amsterdam from $99

Los Angeles to London Gatwick from $99

Los Angeles to Reykjavik from $69

Boston to Amsterdam from $99

Boston to London Gatwick from $99

Boston to Reykjavik from $69

St. Louis to Amsterdam from $99

St. Louis to London Gatwick from $99

St. Louis to Reykjavik from $69


These are great deals, so we encourage you to take a look at them and see if the fair restrictions will be ok or a deal breaker for your travel plans. As always, we encourage you to shop around, look for gotchas that you might not pay attention to, and usually are in the form of fine print on the airline website. So, pay attention to those fine prints of exceptions and then make your booking choice.

Let us know about any specific deals you booked this holiday and why you selected the fare in comments section below. Also, if you like for us to give you tips on any specific topic related to flight deals, please keep us posted.


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