Incredible deals to reykjavik (Iceland capital) from $99

Reykjavík (translated to “Smokey Bay”) is the capital and largest city of Iceland. With the population of about 120,000+, and is a popular tourist destination and considered to be among the cleanest, greenest, and safest cities in the world (source: wikipedia)

WOW Air is offering these incredible 30% deals, of course read all those fine prints that comes with the countless stars.

For example, several cities including Boston, Pittsburg, Newyork, Chicago, and several others start from $99 onward ticket to Reykjavik, and return upon checking we found several fairs from $149 and up. Again, you need to check for validity and read all fine print to ensure you know the limitations. Fares from Los Angeles, SFO are from $129, $135 and so on.

wow air deals from $99 to reykjavik

Photo source: Wow air booking page, between Boston to Reykjavik taken as of 4/14/2018

There are some great places to see in Reykjavik. One of the popular things to do and there’s a lot of talk about this in traveler forums is the swimming pools. yes, reykjavik has several wonderful big size pools with hot tubs, and saunas much better than ones you might find in some of the expensive spas around.

swimming pools in reykjavik

Photo courtesy: Google maps – swimming pools in reykjavik

If you google mapped a search for swimming pools in Reykjavik and read their reviews, people rave about’em. If sight seeing is your thing, then there are several peaceful sightseeing spots in Reykjavik including some of the beautiful waterfalls. Here is a listing of top sightseeing places in Reykjavik according to website.

Hope you have fun! If you do end up going to Reykjavik send us your comments here and also share some pictures.

Have fun!


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