how do I find cheap flights? – 10 best kept secrets


Often times you want to go to one resource to get to know the techniques travel agents use to find cheap flight tickets so that you can use them to find your own, when you need them. Well, this is our first attempt to put a video together that you can watch and learn the 10 best kept secrets to find cheap flights.


Watch our video below:


Hope you enjoyed the video and learnt some new tips. If you have used other techniques that worked for you please share them with us through comments below, we are always trying to find new ways to find cheap flights for our customers.

Happy Flying.


Sally McFly

Sally is a self made blogger, and passionate about travel and finding deals. More importantly, she loves to share her deal finding techniques with others. From working as a travel agent and then running her own business, she has over 2 decades experience in travel industry. She is an avid reader, and a loving mom. You can follow Sally on google plus at : Google+

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