Frontier Airlines $24 deals – for Discount Den members

As of this writing, 4/7/17, Frontier is offering big discount sale on their flights to the discount den members. Discount Den membership is a flat fee you pay per year to Frontier and you get eligible for great discount flights all year long. This is one such opportunity.

Frontier Airlines is offering a limited time deal starting at $24 to it’s Discount Den members. This is an awesome fare, but you have to be a member of the Discount Den membership program. There are other offers available to public but the $24 deals mostly are available to Discount den members.

Please visit the page – to get to know the details.

TIP: ♥ Note that Frontier will charge for chegged bags and carry ons separately. From my personal experience, if you be careful with the options presented at the time of booking, you could buy checked baggage and/or carry-on luggage at an extra fair, depending upon your need, you could still be flying low cost compared to other carriers. Frontier will give you packaged deals – they call it “The Works” package. You should be careful to look into see if it really benefits you to buy the package or to choose a-la-carte items and pay for individual items such as baggage and other things.

Happy flying! Cheers.

Sally McFly

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