Comparing Mobissimo cheap flight search with google flights

We are going to be comparing various flight deal providers. In that series, we will be comparing Mobissimo and google flights in this article. It’s all about getting the best deal. so, let’s see how mobisimmo does its search.

Flight Schedule:

For this comparison, we used a standard flight booking search with both sites. we are booking 1 round trip ticket from SFO to BOS (San Francisco to Boston) for the dates of May 10 to May 17.

Mobissimo (

When we used the above flight schedule with mobissimo, we got $326 as the lowest fare operated by Sun Country. Take a look at below screenshot.

As you can see, mobissimo has a bunch of options for filtering down based on providers and carrier. Mobissimo seems to use various providers for its search fare aggregation purpose. In the above example, its using and another provider called fareboom (not listed in the picture above, but it was in the listing down below). We will review fareboom in another blog article.

So, basically mobisimmo compares various third party search providers (like expedia and several other less known providers) to narrow down it’s choice. It also lets the users choose which carrier (airline) they want to exclude from the result. you can see that on the left side top on the screenshot above. Mobissimo also lets you compare results on partner websites like Justairticket, Expedia, orbitz, etc. which are listed on the top of the page.

Let us take at how google flights did with the same flight search schedule.

We plugged in our dates and the airport from and to destinations and gave it a whirl, on see results below.

As you can see from the above screenshots, Google Flights got the same price ($326), but we liked how the display was presented in terms of Best Flights first, then the list of cost based flights.

Google Flights seem to use direct airline pricing to do the comparsion as opposed to mobisimmo which searches other flight aggregation engines and travel provider sites (like expedia, fareboom etc.). Nonetheless, both search engines seem to have found the best price based flight in the end. But, Google flights is able to list more variety in terms of flight options and carrier options. At least from this one search it seem to be the case. Google flights has a lot more options from an analysis point of view, for example, you can see price trends, set up alerts, and various other things to narrow or expand your flight search options.

We hope this comparison gave you some insight. We will do more research and give you other view points as well. If you have other insights or share your views, please do so using the comments below.


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