Blue Tag flight deals from West Jet. How does it really work?


West Jet Airlines announced the new Blue tag deals on Sept.20th 2012.  It is a clever technique, but not new, from West Jet to utilize social platforms to promote deals and make it available for those who are “socially online”.


In this post, we will show you how to take advantage of West Jet – Blue Tag Deals.


How does it Work? How you can save $$ with the Blue Tag deals!


Well, first you need to know that this is NOT an email deal that you can subscribe to and get alerted.


  1. This Blue Tag deals promotion is ongoing, not just one time. So it is worth subscribing to.
  2. The Blue tag deal is only available on Facebook and Twitter media pages of West Jet Airlines.
  3. The promotion changes every week.
  4. Blue tag sale is available only if there is no existing sale. So, it doesn’t happen all the time. But, its still worth when it is available because it is cheaper than most deals.

How to sign up for Blue Tag Deals?


Blue tag deals are available directly published to the West Jet’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.
They are NOT available elsewhere! So, it is important that you either follow them on Facebook or Twitter pages of west jet Airlines. Here is how you do it. [savvy facebook/twitter users can skim the rest]
  1. Goto and click like button. This will send you facebook updates about bluetag deals.
  2. Alternatively you can go to and click follow button. This is our recommended approach. You can then receive alerts via your twitter clients on your mobile phone or email etc. #BlueTag is the handle for blue tag deals and they will announce blue tag deals specifically on twitter and facebook. They usually last for a few days but just like any other deals, you want to jump on it early on.
  3. During the bluetag event you can visit and start searching for flights and you will see the blue tag deals that you will be able to use.
  4. Remember Blue Tag deals are not available all the time and they are only available when West Jet Airlines don’t have any other deals going on.
We have used the Blue Tag deals to book a few tickets from Canada and the experience was very pleasant. The staff is courteous on the plane and good flight.
Have you used Blue Tag deals? What is your experience? Send us your comments in the comments box below. Thank you!

Happy Flying!


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