Best time to book holiday flights – Cheap!


Holiday travel; especially around the end of the year seem always expensive.

In this article, I have shared some of my tips on how to save on holiday travel by booking at the right time.

  1. Stats show that its best to book your travel before Mid November
  2. Also, departing on 12/25 and returning on New-year’s Eve will give you better rates, prediction is up to 23% or sometimes better
  3. Generally speaking, it is advised that around 21 days ahead of time for flight travel seem to get better rates throughout the year
  4. Also, don’t book too early. It might cost you more to book ahead of time sometimes.
  5. Websites like offer several powerful real-time statistics to help you decide what might be good time to buy. Use the price trend tool that is very handy to see the trends in price high and low in the past 90 days.
  6. Another tool in is to show flexible date charts. This will allow you to see price trends going forward in time and let you pick the date in upcoming weeks or month(s) allowing you to use the insight to book on date that might better for your price per ticket
  7. New year’s travel – consider traveling out on New year’s eve and return on Thursday or Friday to get better rates

Check out our other articles on how to find cheap flights in general and use those tactics along with this one to save money. 

Happy Holidays Season! Safe travels!


Sally McFly

Sally is a self made blogger, and passionate about travel and finding deals. More importantly, she loves to share her deal finding techniques with others. From working as a travel agent and then running her own business, she has over 2 decades experience in travel industry. She is an avid reader, and a loving mom. You can follow Sally on google plus at : Google+

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  1. Martha says:

    Great tips. Just in time. I was looking for holiday flights for new year’s eve. glad to find your site.


  2. Kaycee says:

    It’s a relief to find sonoeme who can explain things so well

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