$20 flight deals from Frontier Airlines

$20 flight sale from Frontier Airlines - Black Friday 2018 Sale

$20 flights from Frontier – Is it real?

It absolutely is real. These deals won’t last. They are on sale right now for $20 and up. But, how can you pass up on the $20 flight? Keep in mind though, these are for Discount Den members but even if you were to get a discount den membership for the 1 full year, these deals are still worth it. Currently Frontier is having great sales going on several flights for less than $40 to $50 one way. Check out Frontier airlines website, and click on the Deals menu on the top of the website to get the deals page, or simply click here to get to the 2018 black friday deals page for Frontier Airlines.

What has been our experience with flying frontier?

Our experience flying Frontier has been pleasant. You just need to keep in mind that Frontier is a very low budget flight ticket, so they make everything a paid option such as taking checked in baggage is paid, all beverages and food cart items are all paid. So if you are looking to travel Frontier you need to expect those things. We see that a lot of people on the Internet complain about the fact that Frontier charges for things. But, if you are just traveling with a small carry on (which is free to take), and you don’t care about in-flight services, then you can totally enjoy low priced fares. If the price point works out, I would recommend buying a Discount Den membership, for a year, and it only costs like $49, and allows you to buy discount den tickets for up to 6 family members. If you were to use frontier on more than one family member, or use it for two or three trips, your cost for discount den is already paid off and its worth it if you time it correctly – like right now is a great option to get it.

So, our advise is for you to review your flight options, and see if the flight with cute animals on its wings will fit the bill for your family’s flying needs. It should fit the bill as far as the cost goes though. :))


Enjoy your holidays. Do let us know which destination you went to this holiday season, or perhaps you chilled and took the most deserved time resting. In either case, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

Happy holidays from howdoifindcheapflights.com

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