11 proven ways to find cheap plane tickets!


Cheap plane tickets is our mantra. In this post, we will discuss 11 proven techniques that you can use to finding cheap plane tickets! Of course not all of them can be applied at all times. These are techniques that we use in the trade and we hope that they will come in handy to you as well. Please post your comments on which of these have worked for you or if you know about other tips that our readers can benefit from.

  1. Try an alternate route to reach your destination

  2. Book your tickets on a mid week day, say Wednesday morning

    Booking your tickets mid week gives you a leg up in getting cheap plane tickets.

  3. Fly from alternate airports

    For instance, try Oakland instead of San Francisco.
  4. Dial your desired airlines and ask them about “positioning flights”

    Positioning flights are offered by some airlines. You have to call up the airlines and ask them about if they have any positioning flights. They are most likely cheaper than regular flights. But, the key is you pick up the phone and call the airlines directly and talk to the reservation agent.
  5. Fly on a Tue,Wed and Thursday flights if possible

  6. Plan ahead – booking at least 2 weeks (or more) early gets you cheaper tickets

  7. Use travel agents

    Most people have forgotten this treasure and this one always works. Well, at least you can compare to online prices and see for your self. Read about this more in detail in one of our other posts where we discuss about using travel agents to find cheap flight tickets
  8. Check for Deals online

    Of course, check for Internet aggregation search engines for flight tickets such as kayak.com.
  9. Use your frequent flyer miles to lower cost of air travel

  10. Check out Air pass programs

  11. Try taking Courier Flights

In addition see the following videos by Famous CBS Travel reporter Peter Greenberg. They are an awesome resource. You can check more of them on you tube. just search for his name.
more information on each coming up shortly! Stay Tuned!
Happy Flying!

Sally McFly

Sally is a self made blogger, and passionate about travel and finding deals. More importantly, she loves to share her deal finding techniques with others. From working as a travel agent and then running her own business, she has over 2 decades experience in travel industry. She is an avid reader, and a loving mom. You can follow Sally on google plus at : Google+

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  1. Ali Imran says:

    Great post! I used the alternate airport tip – just booked a ticket from Oakland to Seattle. Thanks again.

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